Cryptonodes listed on new Exchange

Good news for the Cryptonodes world !!! Cryptonodes has already reached the future of trading. We are part of an anonymous and future-oriented trading platform. With we are listed on a platform with already 2 million trading volumes per day. Why trade system of the future: is a direct trading system that makes […]

Quick progress update:

– Start the Blockchain of Cryptonodes. (Date for start have to found with community) – Initial sell of 70k CNMC from premine to get project funds. (exchange – From generated funds, pay listing for – Gorvernance section where the project addresses visible and traceable (CNMC and BTC) – Updated Blockexplorer with Masternode features. […]

Listing on MasternodeXchange

The input for recording Cryptonodes on MasternodeXchange has been completed today. The trading exchange will break up CNMC in the coming days. Thus, the first trading exchange for CNMC is ready when the Airdrop week is over. The coins are transferred directly to the stock exchange in block 201.