cryptonodes discord staking pool

Dear community and Discord users,

since a few days we are running a new bot on our Discord channel, called CNMC-Bot. This new bot fits all the functions from our existing Tipbot, but has also a few benefits more. The most exiting feature of the CNMC-Bot is surely the option for staking! You can now easaly stake your coins in the pool with others, without any additional hardware or else. Check out #bot-notifications.

This is another step that helps to reduce energy consumption. STOP POWER WASTE!

Simply transfer your CNMC coins from old Tipbot to the new CNMC-Bot and your ready for this staking option.

How to send CNMC coins from Tipbot to new CNMC-Bot:

1. go to #bot-commands and type $deposit

2. note the given Cryptonodes address == <new address>

3. type !wbbalance and note the amount of CNMC == <balance>

4. at last, type !wbwithdraw <new address> <balance> …

your CNMC coins are now transfered to the new bot.

5. check your balance on new bot with: $bal

6. if you want stake, set an amount or all to staking with $stake <amount> or $stake all

As the new bot has all the functions and lot more benefits opposite the old Tipbot, we plan to stop the Tipbot on our Discord channel! In this case, we stop immediately all our tips and soaks actions etc. on Tipbot and move to new CNMC-Bot.

We will deactivate the Tipbot bot by end of September 2018!

So please transfer your coins to new CNMC-Bot in the next few days!