cryptonodes is now a part of the ECI30 trading fund

we are pleased to announce that Cryptonodes have joined the ECI30 Trading Fund.

what is the ECI30 fund???

ECI coin is coming soon!
It will be the first ever tracking coin that tracks ECI-30 coins
ECI is a tracking coin, like an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF); not a real crypto coin
ECI is an equal weighted basket of 30 different emerging coins (known as: ECI-30 coins)
Buying ECI means buying a basket of these 30 coins
Initially, we will sell ECI coins directly on our website without charging any commission
In the future, ECI will be listed on Exchanges. Even then, It will be cheaper to buy ECI than 30 coins separately because you will pay a single commission!
Because ECI is a basket of 30 different coins, it gives users a diversified exposure and a better risk distribution

a big thanks from my side to the Bicoin RM Team to get us a partnership.

more informations can be found here:
ECI30 Website:
Bitcoin RM discord:

greetz to the whole cryptonodes family