Cryptonodes listed on new Exchange

Good news for the Cryptonodes world !!!

Cryptonodes has already reached the future of trading. We are part of an anonymous and future-oriented trading platform. With we are listed on a platform with already 2 million trading volumes per day.

Why trade system of the future: is a direct trading system that makes the integration of third parties in a trade completely superfluous. You do not store your coins on the trading system as with conventional exchanges. This is the most important point for POS Coins. If you store the coins on exchanges as they have done so far, they can be used by the Exchange for generating. (staking or masternodes) Just as a bank enriches itself with your money. This must be avoided with POS Coins in the future. That’s the only way the systems stay decentralized!

Download the client and become part of the future:

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