Cryptonodes now available on My Crypto Stats

Hello Cryptonodes Community,

we are pleased to announce that Cryptonodes is now available on My Crypto Stats:
My Crypto Stats Website

what can you do with My Crypto Stats:

Crypto Dashboard:
Get a complete view of your net worth, coin prices, and balances, and miner activity.
Add any coins you want to follow and track.
Add wallet addresses to retrieve your coin balances.
Add expenses and cash outs to keep track of your total Profit/Loss.
Set up price point alerts and receive an email when the price point it reached.
Add the pools you mine against to get current unpaid balances.
555 coins available.

Monitor Your Miners:
Add your miner and desired algorithms to see which would be the most profitable.
Dual mining estimates supported.
Nicehash supported.
Add your miners kW and cost per kWh to see your estimated return, cost and profit/loss.
See which miner/pool is active.

View Coin Information:
Market cap, rank, and supply.
Trading volume and movements.
Nethash and difficulty.

Monitor Your Masternodes:
Add your masternodes to monitor earnings and payments.
Get daily, weekly, and monthly estimated earnings and ROI information.
Shared masternodes supported.