Cryptonodes supports the Salvationarmy

Hello Cryptonodes Community,

We are very happy to announce this message to you! It took time and work, but we liked to get upset.

As the basic approach of Cryptonodes is to significantly reduce energy consumption in the crypto world and thus save resources for the planet and its inhabitants, we also want to work with organizations that have committed themselves to preserving the planet and the population. We are already proud to be able to support the first nonprofit charity organization in the very young history of Cryptonodes.

Cryptonodes has been the official sponsor of the Salvation Army since Monday, August 13, 2018. We support the Department of Refugee Assistance in Greece & Italy.

Here are the already published information from the Salvation Army for you:



We will also receive our place on the official website of the Salvation Army. But only after the holidays from the interlocutor.

Hold together for a better future ….