cryptonodes v1.4.4.1 available

Update for new installer and all users they have still issues on sync process to the right chain.
For users they are on the main chain since 1.4.4, update not mandatory.

Version of cryptonodes available now.

It’s a simple replace binary update:

first update your controller wallet.
stop it
replace cryptonodes-qt or cryptonodes-qt.exe or use setup to overwrite it.
then start controller wallet and let it run.

on vps
stop cryptonodes by use > cryptonodes-cli stop
replace in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin > cryptonodesd, cryptonodes-cli
start the client by use > cryptonodesd
jump to user home folder by use cd ~
use > “tail -f .cryptonodes/debug.log” to watch the log life
wait until the line coming: Sync finished Not capable Hotnode

then start it from the controller wallet

on vps life log, if you see “Enabled”, you can close the cold wallet.

Link to the wallet update:

changes in

added some checkpoints to solve issue on syncing

Note: It’s possible that your MN is still blocked from addnodes after this update.
If so, you have to go offline with your MN for more than 24hours and must reindex!