Cryptonodes wallet v1.3.1 available

We have done a new version of the Cryptonodes Wallet.


  • icns logo fix
  • addet checkpoints
  • fix ui label sizes
  • fix OS-X-10.13 build
  • addet missing icons
  • rpcserver boost fix
  • cbignum clean
  • fix rpc segfault
  • gui translations addet
  • multisenddialog fix
  • unlock fix


Started feature enhancement coding for future.

The update is not mandatory, but is compatible if you would like to update your wallet on your local machine: Download Github

Windows 64bit is also now available.

How to update:

1. make a backup uf yur wallet.dat, or use wallet backup function for it. copy backup to a save location.

2. stop the wallet and replace cryptonodes-qt.exe, cryptonodesd or cryptonodes-qt. 3. Download the new wallet from the link above, unzip it and run the “cryptonodes-qt.exe”. No need to change anything in your config or local files.

Please reach out if you have any issues!