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The Masternode Coin is a digital coin of the latest generation. We differ considerably from most of the products on the market in that we do not want a coin produced by standard mining. These so-called miners (special computers or ASICs) consume vast amounts of electricity. We see no point in adding extra weight to our precious planet. Anyone can generate their own coin on a computer or laptop. There is the possibility to Staking, directly in your own wallet. To support the network, a masternode can be created. This one does work for the network and supports this 24x7. For this the Masternode will be rewarded.

Masternode and Staking

Masternode and Staking

Coin generation is done exclusively through the interaction of Masternodes and Staking Wallets. For the sake of the environment we do without conventional mining. When staking through the wallet, unlike mining, hardly any energy is consumed.



No long transaction times. With SwiftTx, you can make transactions anywhere in the world, regardless of block time, in seconds. By securing the masternode and the retroactive confirmation by the block chain extremely fast.

Low Transaction Fee's

Low Transaction Fee's

Very low transaction costs which on average do not even reach one cent. This should prevent known problems of crypto-coins. The attractiveness of transactions remains unchanged.

Green Protocol

Green Protocol

The Green Protocol was developed through innovative improvements to the original sha256 proof-of-work algorithm. The protocol enables high scalability for the network.

Stable base

Stable base

We have already set up the basic structure for a stable network startup. Based on Masternodes, DNS Seeds and also a Basic Staker is available. These guarantee a smooth start for the CNMC Blockchain.

Open Source

Open Source

CNMC also remains true to the basic idea. The project is operated freely according to the Open Source concept. After completion of the groundwork, the project can be further improved by everyone. Via Github collected these inputs and drive the project.

CNMC specification


  • Algorithm Green protocol
  • Mining POS / Proof of stake
  • Block time 60 seconds
  • Transactions 154 tx/s
  • Total 21'000'000 CNMC
  • Premine 500'000 CNMC
  • Masternode Collateral 5000 CNMC

Transaction calculation based on:
Block time / Block size = average transaction size
Block size = 2MB (2097152 Bytes)
2097152 / 60 = 34952.54 Bytes/s
34952.54 / 226 = 154 tx/s


  • 0 - 200 Premine
  • 201 - 5000 1 CNMC
  • 5001 - 25'000 30 CNMC
  • 25'001 - 100'000 20 CNMC
  • 100'001 - 1'050'000 10 CNMC
  • 1'050'001 - 2'100'000 5 CNMC
  • 2'100'001 - 3'150'000 2,5 CNMC
  • 3'150'000 - 4'200'000 1,25 CNMC

Then the block reward splits every 1'050'000 blocks. Until the total is generated.

The Team

Free after the open source idea, we work to do our part.
K. Schorno

K. Schorno

Founder / Development

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