Listing on MasternodeXchange

The input for recording Cryptonodes on MasternodeXchange has been completed today. The trading exchange will break up CNMC in the coming days. Thus, the first trading exchange for CNMC is ready when the Airdrop week is over. The coins are transferred directly to the stock exchange in block 201.

Announcement and Airdrop competitions

Our announcement on has been released today. The links can be found in the official link list. During the weekend we will publish the Airdrop competition calendar. Then every competition of the day, from 28.05.2018 to 01.06.2018, can be seen with the profits. The Airdrop competitions start with the publication of the calendar. Everyone […]


The development of CNMC is coming to an end. Sure, there will hardly ever be an end, but the base is soon finished. Various revisions have already taken place. But one or two things have to be done before the release.